Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Independent cleaning company or franchise? Which to choose?

Well, there’s the quandary.

We’re biased, but it’s with very good reason.

Imagine, if you will; it’s Sunday afternoon, you’re sitting on your sofa, the Grand Prix is rather dull and a shaft of that illusive Summer Sun is pouring onto your ten year old carpet. You glance at the spot where it hits and low and behold, there’s a stain. Now, you knew that, it’s been there since little Carl poured ketchup on it last November.

But that’s not it, it’s the fact that your carpet has seen better days, much better days in fact and you've been thinking it for years.

It’s the final straw.

‘Frank, get me the Yellow Pages!’

Who do you call? You’re going to need professionals and the A-Team retired.

art of clean
That's right!

Now, being number one on a Google search is lovely, but it means nothing unless you can deliver and believe you and me, we deliver.

We pop out, at your convenience and we survey the carpet/rug/floor, whatever. We ask you what you need and we honestly tell you, what CAN be done. No empty promises here.

Sorry to say, not all carpets/rugs are salvageable, but we’re pretty good, so we’ll try hard for you.

We quote you for our time, our equipment and our expertise…and NOTHING more!

What we quote is what you pay. Done.

On top of that, we use the best products available. If you go with the franchise option, they will use their own branded products. If you use us, we’re not beholden to a franchise.

We ONLY use the BEST available, even if it’s more expensive for us.

Not good enough you say? Well then, how’s about a guarantee? If you’re not completely happy, we’ll clean it again and if you’re still not happy, well, fair’s fair, here’s your money back £££. No hard feelings, enjoy the Grand Prix.

…but we think you’ll be happy.

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