Wednesday, 22 July 2015

The Cambridge Floods

As most of you will be aware, last week Cambridge was the recipient of rather a lot of water. The heavens opened and the streets flooded. Sadly, so did Blue Cross Animal Sanctuary.

Clinging to the high shelves, the kitties weathered the storm and are, we assume, relieved to hear that £10,000 of donations has been sent their way; including some much needed scratching posts.

Now, not everyone in Cambridge was so lucky. Some found their living rooms floating and their patios deluged with murky rain water.

Have no fear, Art of Clean is here.

In recent years, Art of Clean has been tasked with cleaning homes the region over, from Cambridge to Huntingdon, from Saffron Walden to March and with our expertise, we've left these properties sparkling.

Not as cute as a kitty, but to us, just as appealing, are the rugs that decorate your homes. Be they Persian or Afghan, Synthetic or Silk, we are the ones that make them "like" new.

Cambridge rug flood kitty

So, how do you clean a rug?

Well, it's much like popping along to your local hairdressers, save for the trimming.

The rug receives a cold water, shampoo bath and is generally agitated with a series of soft brushes. Like a scalp massage.

It is soaked and the surface soil/murk/grime is gently encouraged to leave. If it is particularly stinky, we'll make use of a decontamination bath. 

Once carefully soaped and sudded, a delightful rinse with clear water at a gentle flow rate will ensure your rug is fresh and relaxed.

Now comes the technical part; with our centrifugal extraction system, we dry your prized rug up to ten times faster than other systems and totally eliminate the chance of mould growth and colour run. 

We then protect the rug (that's not when the fellas with the heavy weaponry come in) and fully dry it.

And that's it. Now you can go out and adopt a lovely little kitty to scratch that Persian to shreds. 

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