Monday, 10 November 2014

What is the wood hardness scale?

If you have been shopping for wood flooring you may have come across the term "Wood Hardness Scale", or the abbreviation BHN following a number of figures.  There are a number of wood hardness scales, most notable is the Brinell Hardness scale.  Brinell, a Swedish Scientist, designed the scale which scales each wood by its individual strengths.  Each wood is given a numerical rating, for instance Oak is – 2.9 to 3.7 BHN.  BHN stands for Brinell Hardness Number and is an indication of the level of hardness that the species falls into.

Softwoods are generally fast growing species such as Birch (2.2-2.7 BHN) and Pine (1.3-1.8 BHN).  Hardwood such as Maple (3.2-4.2 BHN) and Ash (3.3-4.1 BHN) are slower growing species.

So how does this affect your wooden floor?

Although all woods will scratech and mark over time, softwoods will a dented easier by heavy furniture, scratched easier and wear faster.  So if you are looking for a flooring that can withstand scrapes, dents and lots of use you will want to consider the BHN of the wood you choose to ensure you have a more durable and hard-wearing floor, suitable to your needs.

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