Friday, 12 December 2014

Bugs in your flour or cereal? Flour beetle and how to prevent it

If you've opened your bag of flour or box of cereal and found some little black bugs in there these are called Flour Beetle.

They get their name because they are particularly fond of flour, but can also be found in many other products such as cereals, coco, spices, coffee, dried fruit, powdered milk, and pet food.

The beetle is very small and can make its way into unopened packed quite easily.  So if you find flour beetles in your pantry you will need to check all other items in there to see the spread of the infestation.

How did they get in there?

It is possible that the beetles were in a product that you purchased, they will be particular pest at flour mills.

Flour beetles lay tiny white or opaque eggs that are impossible to identify with the human eye, so catching the infestation early is very difficult.

How to remove flour beetles?

  • Check all items in your cupboards for signs of beetles
  • Discard all infested products
  • Clean all shelves thoroughly - vacuum any crumbs and spillages, wipe shelves with warm soapy water, especially in the corners,  before drying thoroughly


Flour beetle prevention:

  • Clean cupboards of any spillages regularly
  • Wipe shelves with eucalyptus oil to deter the bugs
  • Re-package flours and cereals etc. in plastic containers - ensure they seal well
  • Place a bay leaf into the containers and cupboard as a beetle deterrent
  • As a precaution, flower placed in the freezer for 4 days will kill any beetles or eggs already in the flour

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