Friday, 24 July 2015

When Aunty Gladys saved us all from Grout and Mildew

Today we celebrate the time when Aunty Gladys saved the world from grout.

What! You don’t remember? Then let me remind you…

It was a damp day; dew sat on the leaves, cold ran the length of the house and all over the world a chill was coming.

Aunty Gladys had just finished making breakfast for her Art of Clean brood, when she noticed a smell and happened to glance at the taps.

‘Oh my word’ she said ‘it can’t be, not here!’

‘Aha ha ha haaaa!’ screamed the hideous thing.

Of course, Aunty Gladys knew what it was. It was the evil Grout and his side-kick, Mildew. She and her Art of Clean kids had been battling this evil for generations.

Aunty Gladys wasted no time!

Reaching under the sink for her pink marigolds, she took the super spray she and her kids used on only the toughest and ugliest grout and began firing. Grout and Mildew could do nothing against the experience and power of Aunty Gladys. Using her trusted brush and scouring pad, she vanquished the evil things and then, with her special sealant, Aunty Gladys protected the bath tub from any further incursions from the nasty pair.

She breathed a sigh of relief and then heard a familiar sound. 

It was the Art of Clean kids thundering down the stairs, ready for their breakfast.

Sitting down, they noticed a slight smile on their Aunty's face. 

They would never know that only moments before, their Aunty had saved them and the World from a most evil fate.

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