Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Art of Clean and rugs

We recently went to the Victoria and Albert Museum in London and we saw some amazing rugs:

- The Ardabil Carpet. This rug is the world's oldest dated carpet and was completed in 1539-40.
Hand knotted carpet in wool (pile) and silk (warps and wefts). The size is approximately 10mx5m. The pile is very dense - there are about 5300 knots per ten centimeters square.
You can see a central yellow medaillon and the background of the main field is dark-blue. Also 2 lamps shown hanging are of different sizes and we don't know why. Each part of the design is filled with fantastic flowers or leaves.

 - The Chelsea Carpet is very impressive. It is a little bit older(1500-1550) than the Ardabil Carpet and the design is different. You can see animals, trees or fruit. The Chelsea Carpet ontains 2 large x-shaped compositions made up of large and small medaillions. You can see 2 vases of flowers on elaborate stands.

- U┼čak medallion carpet (about 1500). The medaillons are so large that they become the dominant element.