Monday, 12 January 2015

Types of carpet - tufted or woven?

There are two types of carpet available in the UK, Tufted carpet and Woven carpet.  There are then a number of types of pile that distinguish the finish of the rug (see blog on Types of Carpet Pile here)

Tufted Carpet:

This type of carpet is mass machine-made for a value carpet product, often created using a man-made fiber such as nylon or polypropylene.  The carpet making making machine threads carpet fibers through a backing where the thread is caught on a loop before the needle descends.  The top loops of fibers are either left to create a Loop Pile (also known as a Berber Pile) or cut down to create an even leveled pile called a Cut Pile.  The reverse of the carpet is glued to hold the fibers in place, and a secondary layer of backing is attached to cover this.
Foam Backed carpets are produced to eliminate the need to put down underlay first, this makes laying carpet much easier for DIY home improvements.  A layer of foam is either attached as well as or instead of the secondary backing fabric.

Woven Carpet:

Woven carpet is a high quality product that it is produced in large part from wool or a predominantly wool blend.  The carpets are produced in a similar way to the traditional carpet producing method using a loom.  The carpet fibers are woven into the backing, this creates a strong durable product that doesn't require gluing or secondary backing.  Woven carpet is said to last up to 3 times longer than tufted carpet due to the strength of it's construction.

There are two types of woven carpet:


The Axminster carpet is a woven carpet produced of high quality wool, they are known for their detailed designs and large array of colours.  Because they use the durable woven method to produce their carpets they are able to use finer yarns, and create finer details to their designs.  They can use up to 12 colours in a carpet making them a very desirable statement floor choice often found in hotels.  The desired yarn colour is woven into the weft and cut to the desired pile as the carpet is constructed.


Wilton are also recognised for being high quality woven carpets, however they are created in a different way to the Axminster.  They have a more limited colour range because the carpet is woven with a continuous strand of yarn all the way through, allowing them only 5 colours per carpet.  This production method creates an extremely hard wearing carpet that is favored by many contractors.

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