Saturday, 5 February 2011

Cleaning and restoration of aniline leather with Art of Clean

We just came back from training with Pawlo from Bright and Fresh
He showed us how to restore an aniline leather sofa.

The cushion of our client's sofa is 25 years old and they used every type of products to try and clean and maintain it but unsuccessful so they asked us if we can restore it.

The sofa is in France and to ensure the resaults are what our client requires we sugested to clean 2 loose cussion covers. These where the ones we resored with Pawlo's help.



After the cleaning was done,we applied a dye on the cushions and all the cracks and imperfections were completely removed.

See below the difference between pigmented colour (on the left: it stays on the top of the leather like a paint) and dye colour (on the right: you can see that the leather absorbs it so it looks more natural)

We will soon fly to France to carry out the complete restauration  of the suite... once this is completed we will post more pictures of the work