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How to get the perfect white wash effect on your wooden floor?

white wash effect on wood floor cambridge
We received the email below from a client:

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From: Lediane

Services required: Wood Sanding and Finishing

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Hello. I'm Lediane, I just need a help from you . I am trying to do a whitewash in my wood floor, but the finish ended with marks, and in your YouTube video after you whitewashed you put some paint??? In middle and buff ( I think) . Can you teach me how to do perfect finish? Rsrs I watched your video thousands times but need more details. If you can . Thank you very much.

Here is the video she was watching:

So how to get the perfect white wash effect on your wooden floor?

Response from Pierre below:

Hi Lediane

Thanks for getting in touch.

Getting a perfect white-wash effect is very hard. In many cases using Lye soaps and oils does not offer a "white enough" finish

The aim with Lye treatment is to bleach the colour out of the wood - Here at Art of Clean we do not use the lye method as it is not very healthy to use.

The video we have done was on a project the client required really white and here is how we have done it:

The Pine floor was satined in a very dark colour and this had to be fully sanded back. Once the floor was smooth to the right sanding grit (100 grit) we applied Bona Nordic Tone - this offer a white wash effect though does not bleach the wood but rather adds a white pigment. The floor is left to fully dry. Once dry the floor is rubbed down using a 280 grit pad on a rotary machine. It is a service preparation pas made by 3M and sold by Bona.

Once the floor has a even white was finish (you can choose how much white you remove) the Bona White craft oil is applied. This oil also add further white pigment to the floor and this is buffed in using a rotary machine. All excess oil is removed and the floor is left to dry for 24 hours

Once done the final protective finish is applied - 2 coats of Bona hard wax oil

Once completed the floor has to be left another 24 hours to dry

As you can see it is a very time consuming process. Another very good product you might consider is Pallmann 333 stain in white and you can then apply a Lacer like Pall 98 Gold or to give it more of a white look use Pall x Pure (white )

If you only require somewhat of a white look consider Pallmann magic oil in white

I hope this helps

Pierre de Wet
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