Monday, 15 February 2016

Removal of Stubborn Varnish on Blood Red Teak Parquet Floor | Art of Clean

This week Nathan has been out in Cambridge sanding a beautiful parquet floor with a real stubborn attitude. 

"It was a teak floor and it was mega solid and covered in a nasty varnish," said Nathan (Art of Clean, Service Technician).

Blood red parquet floor prior to sanding

"It took a while to break through but we got there in the end.  

We had a few loose blocks to glue down and had to resin fill it a few times.

Blood red parquet floor after sanding

Blood red parquet floor after final polish

The wood was a real blood red colour.  Our customer was shocked how well it came out and whoever had sanded it previously didn't follow correct professional procedures and this was very apparent from the beginning and we had to really work at it to get it flat and prior to sanding it was super slippery."

Teak wood happens to be one of the most expensive woods you can purchase because of its elegance and durability.

The tree that teak comes from, Tectona grandis and is a native to the tropics.

Since the best wood furniture comes from mature trees, it can take around 80 years before a teak tree planted today is harvested for the wood and because of this, reclaimed teak is highly prized.

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