Tuesday, 16 February 2016

How Do I Choose An Interior Designer? | Art of Clean

If you're like me and fascinated by interior design, then you'll be able to sympathies with me about the numerous amount of design magazines such as design week, icon and in.design are on offer, each showing glamorous rooms with the latest news on trends, fabrics, upholstery and architectural features.

Working with a good interior might be expensive but will be worth it

I have numerous accounts on Pinterest for interior design trends and I love the makeover shows on television, which are a lot less 1990s BBC Changing Rooms and a lot more The Great Interior Design Challenge, which I have been avidly watching, although I do find some of the interiors slightly not to my taste, but they do get to make over some lovely rooms in some amazing properties.  If you haven't seen the programme, it takes three novice interior designers and sets them loose on a different style of room, they shake it up a bit and then you see what comes out the other end.  One of the most recent programmes, featured three Georgian houses in the City of Bath.

Watching these programmes got me thinking about how I would go about choosing an Interior Designer, it is just a minefield, but there is help at hand.

As with most products and services, Interior Designers do not come cheap and the really good ones, well they can command what they like but you won't find yourself disappointed by the results.  To start with, do a bit of research and shop around for a designer at a fair price.  Its not an impossible objective to get a quality service at a reasonable price.

An interior designer will usually change their style according to the clients brief

Start with friends and neighbours and get recommendations and ask questions. Ask your friends questions and if you get the number of a designer, also ask them questions.  The more questions the better and in fact they'll be expecting it.  Even better still, if you got to see some of their work before they start on your scheme but remember the designer will usually change their style according to the clients brief.

Once you have found an interior designer with the style and experience you are looking for and with enough positive reviews, contact them all to see if they are interested in your project.  You'll also be able to engage whether you can afford them.  If you find that they exceed your budget, take a look at your project, perhaps there are certain parts of it where you can save money and do it yourself.  Remember, by doing this you are literally 'cutting your cloth to suit your means,' which will enable you to have a good designer.

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