Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Using The Correct Cleaning Products On Carpets

Important to use the correct cleaning products on carpets

The festive holidays are well and truly over and it's back to work as usual, but unfortunately we probably still have a few reminders lurking around the house, including those red wine stains and drips from the dinner candles on the carpets.

We recently had an inquiry from a customer about a candle wax spill on her cream carpet.   She had tried to clear up the mess, first using an iron and brown paper.  That didn't work! And then she used carpet spotter like 1001 and a lot of other products. Unfortunately this just made the problem even worse.

There are many hints and tips about using salt on a particular type of spill, whilst using white wine another kind and that's before you get onto the consumer household cleaning products, which there are so many to choose from, that it's important not to use the wrong products on carpets.

 If you have any concerns about handling the stain it is best to contact a professional first, they will very often give you advice to deal with the stain yourself.

Article: How to get candle wax out of a carpet

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