Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Soft white pine floorboards - an interior designers dream

At the Art of Clean, one of our biggest accolades is the feedback we receive from our clients, telling us what a wonderful job we have done.  It feels good to be able to make a difference in the lives of our customers by offering the best cleaning service in Cambridge, Hertfordshire and Essex.

On Tuesday, Nathan, our Sales and Service Technician, had been sent out on a job to a customers house in Cambridge.  As we know from previous blogs, Cambridge has it fair share of traditional artisan terraced homes with architectural and historical features such as cast iron fireplaces, stain glass windows and pine stripped doors.  An interior designers dream!

The job Nathan had been sent on was to sand clients white soft pine floor.  On closer inspection of the current state of the floor, Nathan was greeted with what could only be described as a bit of a bodge job.  The floor was full of chatter marks and drum marks.

Sanding the wrong way and some of the edging was terrible.  Let alone the actual lacquer job on it! The room was not very big but was a challenge getting everything flat and back to how it should.  

After oiling the floor, the warm rich colour of the pine floor, sprang back in life.

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