Tuesday, 19 January 2016

What are the benefits of oiling a wood floor?

There are benefits in oiling a wood floor

Preserving, saving, restoring, up-cycling, - These are all buzzwords these days reminding us to make things last as long as possible or re using items if you can. Wood floors are certainly no exception.
For many years all wood floors where sealed or varnished with polyurethane finish over the top and then once the coating has worn through the floor will be sanded back and re sealed using the same method. Over the years oil finished on wood has slowly grown in popularity. Let’s explore the benefits of oiling your wood floor:

Oiling a wood floor provides you with a natural finish – do take note if you require a modern high shine finish – most oils cannot offer you this.

If you restore wood floors on a listed building the oil option is ideal as it is permeable and allows moisture to move through the wood floor.

Pallmann Magic Oil has a dry time of 4 hours and cure time of 12 hours – this means you can use four floor much sooner – if you opt for a lacquer finish you will have to wait 7 days for the lacquer to cure and 8 hours for it to dry.

Using an oil on your wood floor will allow for localised repairs – Yes if your floor gets scratched or damaged you can sand the damaged out and sand the surrounding area of the floor lightly to blend it in and apply oil to the area and is most cases the floor will be as good as new (consult a wood sanding professional for more advice before you attempt to do this yourself!)

Oiled wood floors can be given a good clean and fresh application of oil to give them a new lease of life.

Caring for your oiled wood floor is much easier than you think – You can use Pallmann Clean to clean your oiled wood floor followed by Pallmann Magic Oil Care – This gives the floor a fresh look

For easy day to day cleaning and care - Use Pallmann Clean and Go

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