Thursday, 14 January 2016

Strange draft marks on my carpet! What can I do?

Every now and then, the Art of Clean team receive a job that we have not seen before.  I'm pleased to announce this is a very rare occurrence, as our years of experience means we have pretty much seen everything.

The case in question included a call out to a house in Cambridge.  The client had discovered some very strange draft marks on the carpet.

Draft marks on carpet

I have previously written about watermarks on carpets and rugs, which gives the appearance of shading or pooling, but this was something different.

We had been told by the client the marks were from his curtains and appeared after a very windy day and it was the first time it had happened.

Draft marks on carpet removed

This turned out to be a very straight forward carpet cleaning job, but whilst Gavin, our technician was there, he also checked the patio door seals.  as they might be letting the rain and wind in.  On closer inspection, it was apparent there was nothing wrong with the door seals.

Since we cleaned the draft marks, they have not returned!

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