Thursday, 14 January 2016

How do I look after my solid oak floor?

Here at Art of Clean, we love to keep you informed on what the team have been working on recently. 

This week, Nathan and Ben were sent out to sand and oil a oak wood floor.  

The oak wood floor was in pretty good condition, but over time wear and tear had become apparent and with a high volume of traffic through the house, scuff marks and dents in the oak floor had become obvious but with no other issues, made the sanding very straight forward.    

Oak wood looking tired and neglected

Due to wood being natural it needs expansion gaps around the edge of the room, so the floor boards were cut short of the wall to allow for movement.  To cover these gaps quadrant beading was placed to finish off the floor to hide these gaps.

Our client wanted all the old beading replacing which was a relatively big job in itself.  

Replacement beading

We sanded the floor and finished it to 80 grit.  After sanding, the rest of the day was spent measuring, cutting and pinning down the new oak quadrant beading.  

Oak wood floor sanding in progress

Final process of oiling the floor

Solid oak wood flooring is a joy to have and looked after carefully will be an investment that needs to protecting with the correct care and attention.  Here are some simple steps to maintain your oak wood floor.

  • keep dust and dirt particles away by mopping the floor about once a week, with hand-warm water.  Don't soak the floor with water, just dip the mop into the bucket of water and squeeze firmly.   
  • to prevent furniture from damaging the solid oak wood floor, use pads on feet of chairs and tables and rugs are great to stop high volume of traffic from scratching the surface.
  • immediately wipe up all liquid spills of any kind.  Don't risk liquids staining the floor or getting into the gaps between the boards, which could cause swelling.

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