Monday, 18 January 2016

You'll Be Amazed At The Transformation Of These Old Floorboards

As our homes become the most expensive purchase, we'll ever make.  It's no wonder we want to spend time and money on their upkeep.  But sometimes we find the prospect of having work carried out daunting but with annual maintenance, your home will bring you many, many years of solace and happiness.  

At the Art of Clean, our technicians love a challenge and we also like to help with the solutions to your cleaning and restoration queries.  No job is ever to big or to small and over the years we've had one or two challenges in our time.  But that's what we thrive on.  Why? You probably ask.  Could it possibly be that we love to see the transformation process.  We all love seeing how interior designers take something old and tired and transform it into something new, to show-off and be proud off.  We also like to amaze ourselves and think, 'was that really there before?'  and 'if only I had those floorboards sanded sooner.'    

Each job brings its own rewards and triumphs and at the end of a working day, if only you could see the joy on the faces of our technicians, when they've finished a job (honestly, I'm not being sarcastic), they really do have smiles on their faces!

Last week, Nathan was sent out on job to sand a floor in a Cambridge home.  You'll be amazed at the transformation of these old tired pitch pine floorboards.  From our estimation, this floor was probably laid down in the 1900's, so this pine is a better quality than you would get in the new white softer modern pine. 

Our client had a bespoke brown oil floor, which had been originally quoted with the carpet down, so we didn't have the opportunity to see the condition of the floorboards.  But the quote was for sanding strip filling and brown oil or darker. 

Before sanding

When Nathan arrived at the house, he found a room in a bit of a mess.  The floorboards were totally covered in the dreaded black stuff which is a nightmare to sand off.  Nathan had to remove all carpet grippers and take up nails and staples.  He then walked the room and found loads of boards loose which obviously needed fixing down.  He proceeded to fix them and the problem was the boards were actually tongue and groove and not standard boards. 

Detail on pine floor, before sanding

Nathan proceeded to sand the floor and it came out amazing.  After the floor was done, our client was ecstatic with the results and couldn't thank me enough.

Detail on sanded pine floor

Sanded pine floor

The client had requested the floor to be stained a bit darker, so black was introduced to the oil.  The end results meant that our client had a very bespoke colour which was unique to her home.  It was fantastic!

Oiled finished pine floor with darker stain

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