Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Loose blocks on a parquet floor! What should I do?

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 A few days ago, I took a call from a carpet cleaner friend yesterday. He has over 32 years experience and always does a super job ... He cleaned this commercial carpet and a few days later the client phoned to say all the blocs are lose and it is uneven and a trip hazard

What has gone wrong? Too much water left in the carpet? Too strong vacuum from his machine

None of the above!

The problem is down to the age of the floor and how the wood blocks are kept in place

The old way to secure the wood floor blocks was with bitumen

Over time the bitumen that holds the wood block floor down dries out - yes that's right the bitumen contain some moisture - that is what keeps it somewhat flexible

Once it gets dry and start to break down after many years anything can push it over the edge

In this case the carpet on top of it was cleaned and the sudden increase in moisture  (even so little) made the floor let go off the wood blocs

Now, no one could foresee this happen.

As we are full on busy at the moment and we could not travel all the way to the other side (near the sea!)  of Essex so we put him in touch with a great Ultimate Floor Sanding Affiliate (also a good friend of mine) in his local area

What can you learn from this?

As a client it is good to check  the credentials of a company and their track record so that they can put things right if they go wrong - even if they could not foresee this or even if it was not their fault (he might charge a little extra to repair the sub floor - I'm not sure).

As a carpet cleaner ... It is god to have the number of a good floor sanding professional like a Ultimate floor sanding Affiliate to hand as you never know when you might need to make that call

As a floor sanding expert - its good to have the number of a good carpet cleaner as you never know when the shoe might be on the other foot.

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