Monday, 26 October 2015

Are you curious about our cleaning process?

Art of Clean, Cambridge (UK) are THE specialists when it comes to rug and carpet cleaning and while it's nice to praise ourselves and occasionally, allow you to do the same, every once in a while, we think it might be fun for you to see a little behind the scenes.

So, here are our steps...well, the initial steps, can't reveal all the trade secrets in one go can we?

Step 1: Take one scruffy rug and lay on a surface that will allow for said 'scruff' or dirt to fall free from the rug.

Step 2: Take one Badger...but not just any badger, you'll need a shiny, red one. The black and white one can just hang out in the woods.

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Step 3: Run over the rug, repeatedly (see why we use a red badger?). This process frees the vast majority or dirt and dust from your rug and then allows us to move on to the secret part of the process...OK, we wash it, there, you happy, I told you.

Here's our reveal shot, showing the dust accumulated on the concrete floor. It's pretty impressive, isn't it.

Then some poor mug has to sweep-up...usually Gavin.

This is a recent video we shot, highlighting the need to have your rug washed every 1-2 years at the least. Constant wear, especially when the rug or carpet is in a "high-traffic" area (not the M11); like an entrance or hallway, leads to grime build-up. Then it's time for the professionals, or a burly fella with a very big stick, you choose.

Don't forget, it's always best to hire the BEST.

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