Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Keeping our abode beautiful with the Art of Clean

I've always been interested in how some 'clever bods' work out the time we spend on doing things, like eating and sleeping or walking the dog.  So taking that research into consideration, I was intrigued to see how long we spend in our homes and the results are not surprising.

As buying or renting has become one of our biggest expenditures, its obvious that we like to spend time in the comfort of our own homes.  But honestly, we do spend a lot of time sitting around watching television and on average 1.5 years of our entire life spent in the bathroom. So if that's the case, why not make those places special and keep them clean, so they become a really special place for us to be.  And once you've had your carpets, rugs or upholstery cleaned you'll want to spend even more time inside.

There are also health benefits to having carpets and upholstery regularly cleaned, creating a pleasant environment from dirt, dust mites and allergens.  Every household creates dirt and mud which are walked in from shoes and boots, hair and fleas from family pets, spills and mess from drink and food.

Through professional cleaning, your house will look and smell fresh and clean.  And you'll also help to eradicate and stop a build up of dirt, germs and bacteria for a healthier home.

Porcelain tiles after cleaning, just like new

Carpet after cleaning

Here at the Art of Clean, we specialise in cleaning and restoring flooring and furnishing (carpet, stone / tile and grout, wood floor sanding and finishing / upholstery, leather cleaning and restoring and also fine rugs.  We are a family business, established since 2005 in Cambridgeshire.  Our mission is to give 100% satisfaction to all our customers.


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