Thursday, 14 January 2016

White powdery marks on tiles! What is it?

White powdery marks on tiles

Efflorescence is caused when soluble salt and other water dispersive materials, moves to the surface of a stone floor, stucco or masonry.

It is whitish in appearance and has been a problem for many years.  The formation of these deposits are not a mystery but detract from beautifully newly laid pathing, patios and brick walls and other functional structures.  One cause of effervescence is when there is no dam sheet under the floor, so you can also find it in old properties.

Low temperatures, condensation, moist conditions, rain, dew and water can cause effervescence. It can occur very soon after exposure to moist or cool conditions. This is quite difficult to remove it and if you don't allow the floor to breath after applying the sealant, you will have some problem in the future.

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