Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Are you about to give up on your ugly grout and tiles?

Don't give up on your old tiles

Here at the Art of Clean we can make your tiles, Natural stone and grout look like new.  And with regular cleaning they will stay looking new for longer.

The problem with grout, is that it's recessed and very porous, so dirt, dust and bacteria particles turn your clean grout into streaks of dirty lines.

We use the very latest materials, cleaning techniques and equipment which will remove dirt and smells and restore your tile and stone floors.

We offer another integral part of the process to seal the grout which will protect it from future day to day spills and dirt.

The 4 basic types of tile

Ceramic Tile - is a man made clay fired material and can be glazed or remain neutral.  A glazed ceramic tile has the added bonus of being protected by the glaze itself, but over time the glaze will deteriorate and and the tile will become porous. Professional cleaning and sealing will restore the tile to a like-new condition.

Porcelain Tile - are also made from natural clay with a durable glaze.  Finely ground sand is also added to the mixture, which is then pressed and fired at a much higher temperature than ceramic tiles, which removes almost all the water content.  Porcelain tiles are particularly resistant to chemical agents, scratches and the absorption of water.  This makes it an ideal paving floors and public places.

Quarry Tile and Paver Brick - quarry tiles are an unglazed ceramic material and have long been known for the exceptional durability, practicality and natural beauty and are used extensively in domestic, commercial and demanding industrial applications.

A feature of quarry tiles is they have a very low absorbency of water which allows for rapid drying. Any application of of protecting treatment should be carried out when the floor is completely dried. The processes and products are different depending on whether the material is laid indoors or out.

Terracotta Tile or Saltillo Tile - is made by mixing clay and water and leaving it to dry naturally and finally baking it in a kiln.  The characteristics of Saltillo Tile demand a special treatment.  The unique properties are to do with absorption, types of finishes and with the different types of clay.

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