Thursday, 21 January 2016

Rug cleaning tips to do yourself

Here at the Art of Clean, we pride ourselves on giving 100% satisfaction to all our customers and we want to share our knowledge with you, to help keep your rugs looking great and lasting longer.

Keep a routine of dusting and cleaning

Vacuuming is ultimately the best and most effective way to keep dust and dirt at bay, otherwise it works its way into the fibres of the rug.  We would recommend a HEPA-filter vacuum and move it over the top of the fibres and not against the fibres and will cause less friction.  And remember not to over brush the fibres.

Regular cleaning helps keep your rug looking great and lasting longer

If you're finding a lot of dirt is being collected on one particular rug, where you receive a high volume of traffic - such as a rug in the hallway - flip the rug over with the good side down and with the vacuum clean along the back.  This agitates the dirt loose from the base of the rug and turn the rug over and vacuum all the detritus.  Refrain from vacuuming the tassels on the fringe otherwise you'll suck them up!

By following these tips and a regular deep cleaning, you're rug will remain in pristine condition for much longer.

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