Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Dralon Upholstered furniture

Dralon used to be the upholstery of choice, recognised for its bright colours, durability and warm, comfortable feel.  Dralon is a man-made fibre of Polyacrylic that hit the market in 1954, much of the upholstered vintage furniture you find from this period and onward has been covered using Dralon fabrics.

You may remember reports of Dralon furniture being a fire hazard, and vintage furniture will still hold this risk.  However in recent years Dralon has modernised its brand under European standards for fire-retardant material and nowadays it is not only safely used to cover home furniture they also have a vast clothing and outside furniture market.

What makes Dralon such a good fabric? Cleaning and durability.

Art of clean has had much experience working with furniture upholstered in Dralon fabric, the results are always very successful due to the nature of the fabric.  A regular general clean will keep your furniture looking good and help the fabric last longer. Here’s a brief explanation of how to clean Dralon:

Brush the fabric with a soft brush to loosen any dust and dirt
Then give it a through vacuuming throughout
To remove light grease and dirt marks, particularly around armrests and headrest, apply an upholstery cleaning product with a clean cloth, working it in to the affected area gently – try to blot rather than rub the material.
When dry, brush the fabric to restore the texture.

If your furniture is more heavily soiled and you need assistance please call our friendly team on 01223 863632 or visit www.artofclean.co.uk to find out about our services.