Friday, 10 July 2015

Different finishes for Terracotta tiles

 Terracotta is very absorbent so it is important to seal the tile every 2-3 years depending on the traffic.

Art of Clean offers 3 different options for cleaning and sealing your Terracotta floor:

- Topical sealant: will scratch over time but easier to maintain – makes mopping easier.  Gives a shiny finish but this will dull over time.

 - Impregnator: will penetrate the Terracotta and enhance colour but won’t be as easy to maintain the floor compared to the topical sealant – leaves a rougher finish making mopping more difficult.

 - Oil and wax: The oil penetrates the stone giving the tile a warmer colour.  The wax gives a protective sheen. Please be aware that after a prolonged period of time wax can build up so we always recommend maintenance for this.  Have a look at our video on how we clean, wax and oil the terracotta tile:
 We also made this video to help our client choose the right finish for their floor:

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Below is an example of terracotta floor that we have cleaned and apply an impregnator sealer.

Before cleaning the terracotta. The terracotta floor is sticky with build up of dirt and grease.

After cleaning the terracotta floor

After cleaning the terracotta and apply the impregnator.

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