Thursday, 24 November 2016

How to stop an animal skin rug from shedding

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First of all you must be sure the rug is real animal skin or not.  Faux skin rugs will have a different cleaning process as they are man-made and so are structured differently.

A few point to consider first:

Some skin rugs, such as reindeer hide, are made more for decoration and will not bear up well from regular foot traffic, this will cause premature wearing, so consider your placement of the hide wisely.

You can expect a degree of shedding from a new hide for the first few weeks.

If you find your real animal fur rug is shedding excessively consider the following points to source the problem:

1- Check for pests.  Bugs such as Larder Beetles eat hide, rugs are generally silicone treated to prevent decay however it is not unheard of for Larder Beetles to consume hide rugs.

2- Avoid heat.  Animal skins, like leather on your sofa, will dry out and crack causing the product damage.  To avoid this it is advised to keep hide rugs away from fires and other heated areas.  Placing the rug out doors for a day each month will help to reduce the rugs chances of drying out.

3- Avoid vacuuming.  The suction from the vacuum cleaner can be too strong for the rug and hairs will be ripped out of the hide.  Instead it is advised to take the old fashioned approach and shake the rug outside.

4- Avoid water.  Excessive water can cause the hide damage which will result in hair loss.  If water is used to clean, or accidentally spilt, on the hide then be sure to air it out to dry......but remember: AVOID HEAT.

6- Have the rug cleaned and treated. Send your animal hide a professional rug cleaner for a clean and treatment every year or so.  This will increase its lifespan greatly.

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