Monday, 20 July 2015

Why removing candle wax from carpet can be dangerous?

One of our client phoned us saying that she tried to remove candle wax from a carpet with an iron. The carpet looks now a bit strange so could we come and have a look?

We are always happy to give advice to our clients.

When I arrive at the client's house, I realised that there was nothing we can do to help...

The lady tried the brown paper and the iron to get rid of the candle wax. Why wouldn't you use brown paper and iron to remove candle wax? There are thousands of articles on the net that show you how to do it. The only thing that they don't tell you is that you can melt the carpet if your carpet is made of a synthetic fiber... This is what happened. The carpet melted and left a visible mark on the carpet.

Before trying to remove candle wax yourself, please ensure that your carpet will not melt. If you don't know ask the professional. Don't worry we will not use an iron to remove the candle wax from your carpet!

removing candle wax from a carpet

removing candle wax from a carpet

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