Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Get the most from your Commercial floor and floor sanding investment? PART 2

Following my blog post yesterday about the burned that can be caused by neglecting your commercial wood floor I would like to look at a way where you can ease the burden.

Once your commercial wood floor is sanded and restored this is the point where a good cleaning regime will be vital – Your cleaning team will need to be trained on the correct care for your wood floor. The correct cleaning products and care products should be used and readily available to you cleaning team.

Another place that needs regular attention will be entrance matting to your facility  - Once the barrier that keeps grit and soil out is filled up it start to track inside and wears floors out. Clean or change matting on a regular basis and ensure good vacuuming is carried out daily

Inspect your wood floor on a regular basis and carry out repairs when required.

Now 12 – 18 months if your floor starts to show light to medium wear this will be the point where you need to make contact with your floor sanding contractor and get plans in place for the wood floor in your commercial setting to be professionally cleaned and re-coated with high quality lacquer for commercial floors.

If you do not have a contractor you know and trust it will be important to ensure you choose a contractor that has a proven track record and here is why...

If a fresh coat of lacquer or varnish is applied on a floor that has not been fully sanded great care has to be taken to follow the correct procedures otherwise the newly applied lacquer finish on the wood floor will peel off the floor after a few weeks or months – if this happens the only solution will be to fully sand the floor back and re-finish it. Small one man floor sanding companies will unlikely have the financial backing to support a failure like this.

To re-coat a wood floor will be much cheaper and faster to be carried out – your wood floor can easily last 12 years or even much longer on a full sand and re-finish if a re-coat is carried out every 12 – 36 months.

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