Friday, 26 May 2017

How to remove Chocolate (Nutella) Stains from upholstery or carpet

how to remove chocolate stains from upholstery and carpet
Mmmmm Nutella...yummy, gooey and oh so messy!

So in case you had a little accident with the stuff today here's how to remove chocolate stains:

Chocolate is a tough stain to remove as it has a high oil content and a dark pigment.

As always when removing stains, immediate action is crucial!  Don't leave the stain for too long else it will be set and be very difficult to remove.

* Remove as much chocolate as possible. If chocolate has hardened use a flat knife, preferably a butter knife, scrape away as much of the chocolate as possible.  If chocolate is liquid you can also scrape with a knife however you need to be careful you do not spread the chocolate stain further and do not press too firmly and press the chocolate deeper into the carpet pile or fabric, alternatively you can use kitchen towel and scoop and dab away any chocolate you can
*Make a mild detergent solution with about 1 teaspoon of detergent to 1 liter of warm water (be sure there is no bleach in the detergent!), washing up liquid will do.  With most stains it is advisable to use cold water so that the stain does not set, however as chocolate is so oily it is necessary to use warm water to help lift the oils.  Before applying to the stain test the solution on an inconspicuous area of carpet to ensure the solution does not bleach or damage carpet. If solution is safe to use wet a clean colour free cloth in the solution and dab the the stain - this may seem like a very slow process however it prevents the stain spreading so it is crucial to dab and not rub.  Do not saturate the material, leave the solution to work into the stain for 5 minutes then repeat until the stain appears to be lifted.  Rinse the cloth in clean water between attempts to avoid transfer back onto the carpet or upholstery from the cloth.  Leave to dry

*Make an alkaline solution using vinegar of about two parts vinegar to 4 parts cold water.  Residual detergent in the carpet will attract dirt so it is important to remove the detergent solution with an alkaline solution.  As above dab the area with the solution and a clean cloth repeatedly until it seems detergent is removed.  Leave to dry. ***Do not use alkaline solution on natural fiber carpet!***

*Repeat steps two and three if stain remains.

*Alternatively contact a professional cleaning team.

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