Wednesday, 11 September 2013

What is Travertine?

What is Travertine?
Travertine can often be confused with marble, as it has a similar appearance, but it is actually composed almost entirely from calcium carbonate deposited from mineral springs, usually hot springs.
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Marble and Limestone is in the metamorphic rock category, and travertine is softer than marble but harder than Limestone.
The easiest way to see the difference between Travertine stone is its appearance, Travertine stone has holes caused by carbon dioxide evasion. The holes are normally filled with resin but as they experience wear the holes will start to show just below the surface.
Although Travertine is hard wearing, it is a good idea to consider these factors when choosing which type of stone flooring to have in your home:
• Travertine is porous, which means that unless it is highly polished it will become stained. This in turn will result in a slippery floor, not ideal for a family with children and pets.
• Slip Resistant If you would like to have Travertine then a matt finish would be better although this can trap dirt and be difficult to clean.
So why choose Travertine? Travertine is a good choice if you have small budget, but it will take much work to keep it looking at its best. Please see our blog on how to look after your Travertine flooring.