Monday, 9 September 2013

How to clean a Travertine floor?

The best way to clean a Travertine floor, where the holes have not been filled, is to use a soft to medium hard scrubbing brush to agitate the cleaner deep into the floor, working the dirt out from the pores of the rock.
If you can use a wax and residue remover such as to clean the floor such as Natural Stone Cleaner, after cleaning with this mixture you will need to reapply the sealer to protect your floor from getting dirty.
Avoid acidic cleaners at all costs, these types of cleaners will permanently damage your Travertine floor leaving it scratched and porous.
If you would like to use a recommended cleaning product please visit our on-line store for your Natural Stone Cleaner.
Maintaining your Travertine floor…cleaning travertine
Try and buy a bucket with two compartments, such as AOC twin bucket and mop. Use a mild detergent cleaner such as Natural Care Maintainer.
First of all sweep or vacuum your floor, making sure you use a soft brush to avoid scratching the floor. Once the floor is thoroughly cleaned you can then start the cleaning process.
Wet your clean mop in the rinse water and wring thoroughly. Dip the tips (about 4-6 inches) into the cleaning solution, and wring the mop slightly. Make sure you move the mop in a figure eight shape, making sure that you overlap the area two or three times.
Make sure that you follow the dilution guidelines on the tub, if you make it too strong you do, some of the cleaning solution might be left on the floor resulting in it attracting soil faster.
Never use acidic cleaners on Travertine or marble floors.
Always make sure the floor is cleaned with a vacuum such as the SEBO Felix Pet, as it come with a hard floor attachment.
If your floor is very dirty, wash twice, and when it has completely dried seal with two coats of Stainguard SB impregnator.
If your floor is shiny and you would like it to have a matt finish, or vise-versa you will need a professional floor cleaning company to remove the top coat with a diamond disc and a heavy rotary machine. If you would like any further information about this or any other process please call our team for some advice.