Thursday, 15 January 2015

What to do with your old wooden floor - recycle it!

Do you know your old wooden floor may still have value - especially if it's got some aging and patina!  Even cheap old pallets and fencing still have value these days with the upcycling trend in full swing.

So if you are pulling your old floor up don't just skip it or take it down the dump, it may have some great recycling benefit.  And you could make a few bob too which always helps!

Can't see the wood through the trees?  Well here's some ideas for how you can recycle your wooden floor:

Reclamation/salvage yards: 

These guys are always looking for new stock!  So if you have some decent looking old timber they may give you a good price on it.  Take some good photos of the wood, including some close-ups, and email it across to you local savager.  For reclamation and salvage in Cambridge, UK check out


If you are computer savvy you can try selling your timber privately.  Post your photos onto sights such as your local Gumtree, you can set the price or get them to make an offer.  You could get a better price for your wood but you will have to put more time in and they may not shift too quickly.

Make something!

There are a billion things that can be created out of your old timber floor, all you need is some inspiration, here are some great ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

Juxtaposing an old reclaimed wood feature piece in a modern setting is very on trend these days, and a great way to use some of that beautiful old wood you pulled up!
How about this beautiful wide planked kitchen
Some simple but beautiful old wooden shelves
 Here is a great way to make a beautiful sturdy feature piece for the bathroom, this sink stand and storage chest would cost a pretty penny to buy, you can tailor the piece to your space making an exquisite piece of quality, unique furniture
Or, you could build yourself a little shed for the garden!

Sand and oil:

If you are undecided whether you want to keep your old floor maybe you need to consider re-inventing it with a good sanding and oiling!  Real wood floors actually raise the value of your home, so don't be too hasty to pull them up!

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