Tuesday, 25 August 2015

How to clean Dralon

Fashion from a by-gone era....BACK!

Don't remember Dralon? Ask your Mum. Still not getting it? Well this video might leave you even more confused, mainly because it's in German, but we'll do our best to expound. 

Dralon is an artificial fibre developed in the 1950's to be useful across a range of fashions, upholstery, work wear, furniture, etc. The benefit of a manufactured/developed fibre over a naturally occurring one is durability and overall usefulness. No dry-cleaning is required and when you have a Dralon carpet, it's even dirt-proof, or so they say, but you'll still need to vacuum it from time-to-time.

Art of Clean

When it comes to cleaning your Dralon sofa or chairs there is one thing to be wary of, above all else, Do Not use water over 50 degrees Celsius or 122 degrees Fahrenheit. If you hire a cleaning company and they come with a steam cleaner, advise them to keep walking...it isn't going to do your sofa any good at all.

Art of Clean

If you choose to clean it yourself, it's a case of following the instructions we provide there:

Step One; brush the sofa or chair with a soft brush, it's a soft sofa after all. Remove all the unwanted dirt and sweep it into a bin bag or some such receptacle. 

Step Two; using the upholstery nozzle thing, give it a good vaccing. Centre on the arms and headrests as they receive the most grease and oils from you head and hands.

Step Three; if you need it, there's a grease solvent that can remove a good deal of stains. Simply apply and blot.

Step Four; apply a dry foam upholstery cleaner with a synthetic sponge.

Note: always follow the instructions on the bottle!

Step Five; when it's cleaned and dry, just brush it and vacuum it once more...to restore the texture of the sofa and also for good luck.

Another Note: if there are creases, you can do away with them by simply brushing the area with a damp cloth. The pesky dent or crease will rise.

Remember, not all cleaning jobs are fun and few are as easy as a 'How To' guide makes them seem. If you're in any doubt, call the Professionals.

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