Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Carpet Coffee - How to remove a coffee stain from your carpet

how to remove coffee from carpet

If you spill tea or coffee on your carpet the most important thing is to make sure you react quickly. 
First soak up as much as you can with either a cotton towel or absorbent paper, try to make sure you don't push the coffee further into the pile. Use our Specialist Stain Remover -  
Art of Clean Spot Remover
Spray a small amount over the whole stain and then dab up using a clean cotton towel. Remember to dab and not rub. Rubbing the stain will distort the pile of the carpet. Repeat this until you have removed he stain.

Or if you do not have our spot Remover try the following:

Apply small amounts of the following mix 50/50 water, white vinegar to the stain and soak up as you apply - add about 30 - 50 ml at a time. What you want to do is dilute the stain out and soak up the diluted mix. Keep going until the stain is as light as it can be. Take great care not to over wet the carpet as this can cause damage - Woven carpets can shrink so do take care. 
Once you are happy with the results you can place a large WHITE (to prevet colour transfer) dry cotton towel over the stain and place a layer of plastic on it and lay a stack of magazines or bookes to weight it down. Leave it 12 - 24 hours. Lift and inspect - the stain or what what left would have absorbed into the towel. If it is still slightly visible you can attempt further cleaning with our stain remover  or if in doubt give our team a call for some advice on 01223 863632.
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