Sunday, 27 June 2010

Limestone Cleaning and Sealing

Last week we have been ask to clean another beautiful Limestone floor.

Before picture:

After picture:

So how did we do it??

First we protected the wall and furniture.

Then we applied some cleaning solution to the floor and brushed it in by hand and machine.

The 3rd step involved rinsing the slurry. (dirt from the floor and cleaning solution mixed together)

We then had to repeat the cleaning process in some areas to ensure optimum results. We left the floor to dry thoroughly.

Polishing the floor with this special machine to make it shiny and beautiful.

To achieve this amazing result, to protect the floor from spills penetrating the stone, we applied up to 3 coats of impregnator. This allows the stone to breath and enhance his natural finish.
The impregnator protects the floor against dirt, spills and stains.