Thursday, 13 April 2017

Upholstery disaster... please do not use the wrong cleaning product...

upholstery cleaning cambridgeWe had a call yesterday from a client that wanted our advice.

He spilled nail varnish on his sofa. The first thing he did was to try to remove the mark with hot water and then he used Vanish (the famous cleaner) and spread the stain even bigger.

The products used on the upholstery didn’t work at all.

He then asks us to come and try to remove the mark. Unfortunately, we couldn’t help him. The nail varnish has gone too deep into the pile. It is very important to use the right cleaning product.

Please remember to call Art of Clean for any spills in Cambridge.

Call us on 01223 863 632. We will be happy to help.

sofa cleaning cambridge

sofa cleaning cambridge

Watch our video to see how we clean upholstery in Cambridge

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