Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Put The Groove Back Into Your Rubber Floor | Art of Clean

rubber floor cleaning and sealing cambridgeRubber floors have been synonymous for years with places which receive a high volume of traffic, such as the floors in public baths and the lobbies of commercial buildings but unlike floorboards and carpets, which are easily recognisable, rubber flooring goes unnoticed.

But next time you're on public transport, in the sports centre or on a family day out at the local amusements or doing a bit of retail therapy, look down at your feet and check out what your walking on.  I can almost guarantee it won't be carpet or floorboards, it will be some type of rubber.

Rubber has been, a great versatile material from its initial invention in 1839, by Charles Goodyear. and is used in a variety of different ways, it is a strong, yet soft and supple material and has many safety features and because of this was developed as a flooring material as it is also comfortable underfoot.

One thing that has always amused me about rubber floors is they have a retro appeal but is always a feature which is in fashion and on trend but slightly looks like the top of one big brick of lego.  Any connection?
rubber floor cleaning and sealing cambridge
 rubber floor cleaning and sealing cambridge
rubber floor cleaning and sealing cambridge
Altro rubber floor before the cleaning commences

rubber floor cleaning and sealing cambridge

This week the Art of Clean service technicians were cleaning an Altro rubber floor, in a converted school building, which explains the wild and wacky colour schemes.  The floors were about 30 years old and so there was a massive polyurethane build up.  The guys spent about 10 hours battling to remove the filth and grime.

Once the floors were cleaned and sealed.  It was an understatement to say our customers were impressed, wowed and lost for words with the results.

I think you would agree, what an amazing transformation.

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