Thursday, 1 September 2016

7 tips to get your carpet looking its best

1. Vacuum regularly and thoroughly. 
Dirt is often thought to just stain your carpet but this simply isn’t the case. It is the number one cause of wear and tear and can be easily stopped. by vacuuming your properly once a week will help tremendously in the life span of your carpet. (we recommend Sebo vacuum cleaner)

2. Clean up spots and spills swiftly and properly: 

When removing spots use a clean towel that is very absorbent white is the safe option to avoid colour transfer. With a spray bottle add some mild detergent to hot water from the tap make sure the detergent doesn’t have any bleaching properties. Spray and use the towel to blot the mark trying not to saturate the area and once the mark is gone place a clean towel again white on the mark and a heavy book on top to fully absorb the moisture. Most stains if caught properly can be removed of course there are exceptions. If a spill contains dye like red juice or a substance with bleach its likely to be permanent.

3. Never scrub or rub spots. 

A common mistake is to scrub the spot when it first happens but this not a good idea the best way to tackle a mark into the middle of the mark and blot with a clean white towel. All you might be tempted to give it a good rub all that will do is fray your carpet fibres and permanently your carpet or rug.

4. Do not overuse carpet detergents, shampoos or spotters.

We all love to cover a mark in detergents, shampoos or spotters and like magic the mark is gone but all this does is a attract more dirt that will stick to the moisture and will get dirtier quicker. A good detergent would only need a couple of sprays. 

5. Clean your carpets professionally 
This is vital to the health of your carpet every very 6-12 months. Most Carpet manufacturers recommend cleaning your carpets with a truck mounted steam cleaning. By cleaning your carpet every 6-12 months not only will you extend the life of your carpet but also health of your home.


6. Re-apply “Carpet Protector” 
The misconception that you don’t need to get carpet protector if you get your carpet cleaned is simply not true. There are 2 main reasons why this isn’t true 1. It help seals the carpet to become resistant to most house hold stains and make vacumming more efficient. Sadly it will not last forever so make sure to reapply with every other clean to keep up with the daily wear and tear to give it the longest life span possible.

7. Join our “Perfect care” Maintenance Program 

We can help with care of your carpet with our maintenance package it’s a great opportunity to save money by having the first clean and protection treatment at HALF PRICE. Then we will give you a FREE Clean every 12 months and 1 Free call out per year to remove spots or spills from your carpet.