Wednesday, 31 August 2016

How to protect wooden floors and vinyl against furniture damage?

You’ve made the investment of restoring or installing new flooring into your home, so what can you do to help your wooden floor stay good as new?

One of the biggest issues for wood flooring maintenance is scratches. Particularly those caused by furniture that is regularly moved back and forth across the floor such as chairs and tables.

To help reduce the likelihood of these types of scratches there are a myriad of products available ranging from simple self-adhesive pads to rolling casters that can be mounted on legs so furniture can move with ease.  As with most things in life, some combinations work better than others and some offer greater protection. Just remember that regardless of the product you choose no furniture protector is fool proof, if you haven’t taken the time to install it correctly you’re likely to get scratches.

How to protect wooden floors and vinyl against furniture damage

For example, some furniture protectors are designed to be nailed directly into furniture legs, if the protector is made of plastic and you hammer it directly the plastic could crack and leave sharp edges.  The best way to deal with a protector of this type is to place a piece of wood over the cap when hammering, so that it’s not in direct contact with the plastic.

When installing a screw-in or nail-in product onto a wooden furniture leg, pre-drilling a hole into the leg first might make the installation easier, helping to prevent the nail head from pushing out and the wood from spitting.

Even simple to apply felt adhesive protectors can be a problem in the long run. They wear off over time and often fall off or rip, especially when placed on chairs that get frequent use or if dirt and grit get trapped in the felt, meaning that the protector you considerately placed to save your wooden floor, can turn on you and damage that which you so wanted to protect. So it’s important to check the protectors are securely in place and free from any dirt or debris.

An excellent high quality option for wood or solid plastic legs are the award winning QuickClick slide products produced by Wagners (A company we are ridiculously proud to be partnered with). This innovative product is an interchangeable and replacement guide system, with sizes ranging from 17-50mm diameter and sold in individual packs as well as dining and bulk quantities (Bulk gives you 25 sets of 4!).

To determine which QuickClick size you’ll need, measure the base of the object, e.g., if a chair leg base measures 30mm, a 25mm diameter glide would be suitable, then choose the style that best suits your flooring (wood, laminate, carpet, anti-slip, etc.).

To fix the glides; screw the base into the selected object but don’t over-tighten as you can reduce it’s efficiency, click the glide into place and you’re done!

To replace a glide, simply insert a small screwdriver into the hole positioned at the side of the base and click out. WARNING! Do not insert the glide prior to fixing as this will be difficult to remove. You have been warned.


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