Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Create a lounge inspired living room

How much do you love to entertain friends and family in your home, but you think the entertaining rooms are too small?  Don’t worry, there are plenty of interior design tricks which can help you to create the living room of your dreams.

Even if you are on a budget, these goals can be achievable, you’ll just have to think about spending the money in the right places to get the biggest impact and the correct use of the space.

One of the biggest problems in interior design is buying the correct size furniture for the room it is going to be used in.  Also, if you have a built in fireplace, sometimes these can be quite dominant in the room, especially if they are period pieces. 

One of the biggest looks in interior design is the lounge inspired seating area.  Think of long low couches which run along two walls and will seat more than a couple of people.

Even though it’s a small room you have to create a lot of impact so the choice of artwork is really important.  The thing to remember when choosing artwork is to choose off the same colour pallet.

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For any room, natural light is absolutely the most important.  More the better! But either way, if you have a simple window frame, think about having a pull down blind with a graphic design to give it a bit of interest and architectural detail as well.

Another tip for adding more light to a room is, to take a look under your carpet and if you have floorboards, how about having them expertly sanded and sealed.  Having varnished floorboards, will help with reflecting light around the room.

If you have a large fireplace in the sitting room, think about adding a feature wall with a large and muted design wallpaper.  The use of the wallpaper will detract from the fireplace and is a really good trick in a small room.  It really does make the room fill much bigger and give depth and give the wall height.  A large scale mirror above the fireplace will add impact.

Being on a budget, means having to hang to some of your old furniture and recovering the upholstery.  This is a great opportunity to update your tired furniture and tie it with your new colour palette and make it sing-again!    

Because the room is small, it’s probably best not to put a coffee table in the lounge but instead use small tables which are quite flexible, which are big enough to perch some food and drinks on.

Pulling together a small space project on a small budget can at first seem quite taxing but planning the changes and if at in any doubt call the experts and they will be able to advise you on your interior design changes. 
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