Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Brick flooring in London Town

Last week we sent the lads south of the Watford gap to have a look at a few bricks laying around on a client's floor. Turns out, the home was being renovated by a rather successful architect and rather than employ the local boys to clean the floor, he called the professionals...from Cambridge.

So, they hopped in the van and headed down the M11.

Now, I wasn't there and the lads'll deny it if I ask, so I have to assume they listened to ABBA and Dancing Queen most of the way and once they arrived, gruffed it up and put on their best Landana accents, so as best to fit in.

This is what they found.

On the surface of it and to an untrained eye, you might think, OK, it's not so bad, all it really needs is a good mopping and a decent scrubbing....but you'd be wrong.

This delightful image below is in actuality, just a fraction of the dirt, old sealer and general rubbish that the boys found themselves scouring from the brickwork.

NOTE: Sealer is NOT easy to remove!

After a darn good scrubbing (and I'm talking, without exaggeration - 15 washes), soaking, agitating, aggravating (generally annoying the floor) with rotary steamers and with six fans going, the brick floor began to dry and take on a completely new lease on life.

Praise from our client: "I've never seen the floor look so good, even after it was first lain and sealed".

As ever and case in point. If you want the job done fine, call your buddy Frank, if you want the job done right, call the professionals.

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