Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Reclaimed Teak Wood Flooring

Does your mind boogle when you look at the types of wood flooring there is available?  Beech, Oak, Pine, Bamboo, even reclaimed pallet wood, but I would like to talk about teak.

Teak wood is found predominantly in South East Asia and in particular, the country of Myanmar (Burma). A large amount of teak also grows in Africa.  Teak is a large, deciduous tree and has small, fragrant white flowers and papery leaves. Valuable for its durability, teak has been milled and fashioned into boat hulls, due to its durability, water resistance and ability to withstand almost every weather condition.

On a recent job, Ben and Jo found themselves with a really nice teak floor and staircase to sand and seal.  There was nothing horrible on it and so it was a very straight forward job.  It had been quite a while since the floor had been sanded and as such it was a joy to see the reveal. Using only the best products, that thick, oily surface gave way to a rich, golden base and later yielded to an enhancing re-oil.

Before sanding  Art of Clean Cambridge UK

After sanding Art of Clean Cambridge UK

After sanding and sealing

Teak has that wonderful, mottled grain, that's toned and allows for light to reflect off it.  So when you have the opportunity to sand and enhance your floor and make the most of it.  Because of the natural oils, teak wood floors can be buffed to a high-gloss finish.

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