Thursday, 3 March 2016

Top tips for choosing paint colour | Art of Clean

I'm currently at a very exciting stage of decorating my home (if you can get excited about decorating) where I've started to choose the paint colour for my very plain and boring white walls.  All the rooms were undercoated months ago, so it really is time to finally get around to adding some colour.

There is a wide range of paint colours to choose from

One thing I discovered when I was looking for paint was that there is so much choice out there and making sure that I was choosing the right paint for the job.   Not only are there emulsions, there's also wood and metal paints and other more specialist paints. And even when choosing a white emulsion for walls and ceilings there are going to be a few for you to choose from.  there is the standard emulsion in pure brilliant white or ultra white

A modern painted interior with muted colour palette

My approach was to look at my budget and keep an eye on the interior magazines to see what the latest colour in wall paint were.  Although I'm not really a fashionista (a fashionista being someone who follows trends, or I hope I'm not) at the moment, it seems to be pure white skirting, coving, ceilings and fireplaces and the main walls being painted in an off white, such as Homebase Lichen. I'm a big fan of Georgian interiors, where the entire room is painted in the same colour, so I have painted the doors and skirting in a darker shade of Lichen.  I'm not sure if I like it, but I've gone and painted it now and the paint is expensive so I'm going to have to live with it.

Three Top tips for choosing paint colour

1. Finding inspiration

We have no excuse not to be inspired with the amount of media and images we're bombarded with. Look through magazines or better still Pinterest where you can put together an online mood board.

2. Colour charts and tester pots

DIY stores such as B&Q and Homebase are great for picking up colour charts and tester pots. Colour charts are free, but you will have to purchase tester pots.  One thing to remember, are you decorating your home to live in or are you decorating to sell?  As the approach is very different. Choosing colour for your home is all about expression, but if your selling your home keep it neutral.

3. Lighting 

Get your lighting right before choosing your paint.  Natural lighting is the best to see how any colour you choose really looks.  Incandescent lighting brings out warm tones while fluorescent lighting brings out blues.

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