Wednesday, 2 March 2016

At this time of the year, things start to happen in the garden | Art of Clean

With the recent burst of sunlight (01/03/2016 @13:37), I thought I would just come out with it and announce, I love this time of the year!

As we've all noticed, the days are stretching and eeking out and getting longer with a bit more light at either end of the day.  I'm very much a person who likes the longer days, with more sunlight preferably, but although I like wrapping up warm in the cold weather, I also like it when the weather gets milder and you don't mind going outside and in general everything in the garden looks better. Take today for example, it had been raining from the moment I left for work this morning at about 07:30 until just after 13:30 and now it's brilliant sunshine.  In one way, the British weather could describe me, unpredictable!

At this time of the year, things start to happen in the garden

I daren't look at the weather reports online as I just know the sunshine isn't going to last much past this afternoon but that is the weather at this time of the year in March and April, rain now and then before we know it everything in the garden bounces back to life.

For Christians, March is considered the most important time of the year.

Of course, we also know what else happens at the end of March, for Christians it's considered the most important time of the year and for many people it's become mixed with various folk customs and pagan traditions and gone a bit commercial.  We've all seen the rows of chocolate eggs, fluffy chicks and sweets in the supermarkets which has become a standard part of this holy holiday.

As with many other holy festivals, Easter is also commercialised.

But Easter does remain a time to celebrate Jesus Christ's resurrection from the dead.  It's also a moveable feast which doesn't fall on the same set date every year and is essentially an entire season of the Christian church.  Lent last for 40 days leading up to Easter Sunday, followed by 50 day period called Eastertide and includes a celebration of Jesus' ascension into heaven.

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