Monday, 7 March 2016

Congratulations To Pierre On Passing His IICRC Repair And Reinstallation Technician Training | Art of Clean

In January 2016, Pierre attended the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) Repair and Reinstallation Technician Training in Kansas City, United States.

The course was presented by John Carter and covered the repairing of damaged carpets and stretching for reinstallation.   The aim of the course was for Pierre to achieve his Master Textile Cleaner qualification. There are only very few Master Textile cleaners in the UK because of the training only being available in America.

To qualify as a master textile cleaner, it is required that you complete several courses which include carpet care technician or commercial carpet care and maintenance technician as well as upholstery and fabric care technician, odour control technician, repair and re-installation technician and colour repair technician.

All of these courses are usually multiple days and they are followed by an exam at the end which you have to score at least 75% for to pass.

Pierre is very pleased to report that he is pass rate for the repair and re-installation technician was 96%.
Pierre scored an amazing 96% pass rate

The course was run at Interlink Supplies in Kansas City and the people there were amazingly friendly and very helpful and Pierre really enjoyed the course.

“John Carter was an exceptional instructor and I really learned a lot from him”, said Pierre
Art of Clean looks forward to serving clients in the Cambridge Hertfordshire Essex and Suffolk area's with helping them with repair on carpet

Below are some photos of some repairs carried out during the training.  They include a new pile carpet that was repaired, you can clearly see from the photo that the repairs are hardly visible.

Photos of some repairs carried out during the training

Carpet repairs

So what is the benefit for you choosing our company that is serious about being IICRC qualified?

To be an IICRC certified firm you have to be committed to ensure that your training is always up-to-date.  You also have to ensure your insurance is up-to-date because this gets checked annually by the IICRC.  And when you invite an accredited IICRC firm into your home you can be confident they come with the experience and training needed to carry out the job in-hand.

Art of clean is very proud to be one of only two certified firms in Cambridgeshire - the other firm only holds one qualification for carpet care technician.

Art of Clean holds the following;

Carpet care technician, upholstery and fabric care technician, odour control technician, repair and re-installation technician and colour repair technician.
Art of Clean is a specialist cleaning firm in: 

Working for domestic or commercial clients throughout Cambridgeshire, Essex, Suffolk and Hertfordshire.

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