Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Turning the clock back on a Georgian stone porch | Art of Clean

This week Gavin was in Cambridgeshire, cleaning a beautiful Georgian stone floor and porch. As you can see from the before and after photographs, underneath the grime, the stone was in really good condition, with no damage or repairs but over time and the external elements, like the rain, wind, sun, car fumes and general dirt, the stone had faded from a clean bright creamy colour to a dull grey mottled putty colour. Some people like this effect, as it shows the age of the stone, but as it's an individual taste, with a really good clean the porch came up really well.

The difference in the appearance after cleaning is very noticeable

Gavin jet washing the stone floor

Stone column before cleaningStone column after cleaning

Georgian architecture

As with this Georgian porch, architecture of the 18th century is synonymous with all the major cities including London, Cambridge, Bath, Bristol, Edinburgh and Dublin and because of its popularity, the style spread out into the towns and villages.  The designs and features were so admired that they became transatlantic and travelled to other cities across the world.

There is no mistaking Georgian housing with its uniformity, symmetry and a careful attention to proportion, sometimes known as the golden ratio.  Georgian architecture came about after the Baroque period with a bit more toned down style. Inspiration came from the architecture of ancient Greece and Rome that had been rediscovered during the Renaissance of the 15th and 16th centuries.

Other famous cleans

One very famous building in London, which is very familiar with tourists and the general public, is Buckingham Palace.  The facade of white Portland stone was erected in 1913 because the original soft french stone had decayed due to pollution.  At the time people were surprised by the transformation of the front from grimy black to gleaming white.

Dirty old town pictures of London landmarks being cleaned and repaired over the past 110 years.

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