Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Snow cleaner than snow | Art of Clean

Handwoven and antique rugs are a pleasure to own but can be tricky to clean.  Art of Clean suggest keeping away from chemical cleaners and using nature's cleanser, snow!

"With, what?"  I hear you cry.

Yes, cleaning rugs with snow, is a very old method and used in countries that regularly receive sub-zero winters and substantial snowfall.  As the East of England is experiencing a cold snap and snow has been predicted for the end of the week, whether it comes or not, this method is worth remembering.

The following process works really well with smaller handmade rugs and antique wool rugs.  Big rugs can be a problem unless you have a few extra helpers.

For the very best results, you will need powdery snow and a clean broom.

How to clean a rug with snow

1. Take your small rug outside and give it a good shake, releasing any dust of loose dirt.  Hang it outside for at least 30 minutes to acclimatise with the weather conditions.

2. You do need quite a bit of snow to lay the rug down on top.  And with the broom flip a good amount of snow across the entire surface.

3. Now give you rug a good beating with the flat side of the broom.  The snow will react with the cold air and cause any dirt or grime to solidify and fall out of the rug.

4. Let the rug sit with the snow for a further 15-20 minutes before flipping over and repeating steps 1-3 on the other side.

5. Pick the rug up and give it a good shake before hanging it on a clothesline or railing.  Leave it to hang for a further 20-30 minutes to allow the snow to disperse.  You'll notice that the snow will not actually make the rug wet.

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