Monday, 22 February 2016

Beware the pitfalls of online auction rug shopping | Art of Clean

What did we do before the invention of the online auction?

It was more than likely that we had a look in the phonebook or we had to actually leave the house and go down the high street.  But now with the internet, the goods and services we want to purchase are only a click away and it’s all delivered straight to our front door.

The best thing about online auctions, is there are lots of dealers selling their wares and all in one place.  And when you have decided the time is right to purchase a new or second hand Oriental rug, ebay or any other auction website might seem like a good place to start.

I like many other people have done just that.  I’ve recently moved home and wanted to put something down on the floor, but didn’t want to spend money out on new carpet as I hadn’t finished decorating, so I decided to look on ebay for a rug.

At the time I was looking, I came across a dealer selling dozens of very large rugs, which were perfect for the spaces I needed to fill.  I managed to get the rug at a good price and the delivery was thrown in at no added extra cost.

But I wasn’t particularly fussy about what I bought nor the history but I liked the look t what I saw and took a gamble and the gamble paid off.

But had I been searching for an ‘oriental rug’ then it would be a different matter.
As with any internet search, it’s all about the metadata and the phrases you search for.  Vague searches provide vague results and you will be bombarded with every patterned rug out there.  It’s difficult to what which or type of rug you’re looking for, as there are many to choose from but any amount of research before you go on an auction website will be beneficial.  For instance, enter “antique Baluch rug” to get further filtered results.

Detailed searches will often result in a better product selection

Look at all the photographs and read the description carefully.  One big problem with internet auctions, is the seller is responsible for the description and they can write as little or as much as they like.  It is also up to the seller to describe correctly.  This is where your knowledge of what is real or fake looks like and this will work in your favour.

Research your product beforehand as there are many types and styles to chose from

Many purchasers will add bids as close to the end of an online auction and also if there are many people watching an item, you’re less likely to get a bargain.  But one good thing about online auctions, is that you can see what has been sold before and what was paid for it.  This way you’ll get an understanding of what is a fair price.

Check the seller’s return policy and feedback, this will enable you to decide if you want to do business with this person.

As like with any other auction, it’s a fun activity but getting caught up in the moment is a possibility, as your lot drawers nearer, the heartbeat quickens and the mouth goes dry but there is no excuse to lose your head and get carried away with bidding.  Make sure you have a set limit and know what you want to pay for the rug.  If the price keeps climbing and reached your limit, probably best to back out quietly.

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