Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Is it time to take another look at your carpet and get the professional cleaners in?

It goes without saying, as the purpose of a carpet is to lay on the floor and be walked all over, it will generally receive a huge volume of traffic.  And our homes and offices are no exception.  At least in your home you can ask people to take off their shoes and boats, but in an office, that would be slightly strange.  So, it's no wonder carpets get dirty.

Over time, that dirt and grime builds up and because we all lead busy lives, sometimes it goes unnoticed and we generally accept how it looks.  That is fine, if we're happy with its appearance, and, as it's our home, who should tell us otherwise but I would be doing a mis-service if I didn't point out the benefits of a professional carpet clean on our environment, general well-being and eradicating smells and odors in the room.

Last week, Gavin, Art of Clean Service Technician, spent a couple of hours professionally cleaning a clients carpet in Cambridge and even Gavin was amazed at the transformation.

dirty carpet

Clean carpet

Unfortunately, the cream coloured carpet had received a tremendous amount of traffic and the dirt had been left to build up.

Dirty carpet

Clean carpet

It took Gavin 40 minutes just to hoover the two rooms and a hallway.  He also used a small brush to remove all the sock hairs from the whole flat but besides all that, the results were worth it.  The customer was so happy and couldn't believe the difference in the carpet.

If you're considering having your carpet cleaned by a professional cleaning company, why not give Art of Clean a call to discuss your requirements.

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