Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Top Tips For Cleaning And Disinfecting Hotels

With January and February being on average the two coldest months of the year in the UK.  It’s no wonder combined with winter travel and weather related travel delays, it often means that people spend more time indoors, like hotels and confined spaces like public transport.  Unfortunately being in such confined spaces with our fellow humans, means the spread of illness-causing germs like the common cold and flu germs between people is a more common occurrence. With the increase of germs spreading, hotel staff need to step in with a rigorous cleaning routine to prevent staff and guests from becoming ill.

The most common spots for germs were touched surfaces such as the bathroom counter and tv remote control.

Regular cleaning for hotel rooms

Whilst many hotels have their own routine maintenance plan already in operation, it’s imperative to keep a regular cleaning schedule of disinfecting frequently touched surfaces such as telephones, TV remote controls and bathroom fixtures are essential to help prevent the spread of illness causing germs.   And don’t forget cleaning floors and carpets, which are an excellent place for germs and pests to go unnoticed, until it becomes an obvious problem.

Beautiful and clean hotel room

Art of Clean offers the following tips for tackling cleaning and disinfecting challenges in hotels:

 • Make sure you know your high-touch room surfaces. You’ll be surprised by just how many times a light switched is turned on and off and a door is opened and closed by many different people.  These areas need to be disinfected at least once a day.  Some germs like influenza can survive on surfaces for hours, providing ample opportunity for the spread of infection between guests and staff.

 • Where there’s a wiff, there’s generally a problem.  When the smoking ban came into force in the UK on 1st July 2007.  Suddenly other smells in upholstery and carpets etc, which had previously been marred by the smell of tobacco, were more noticeable .  Nobody likes to walk into a hotel room that smells musty, which makes it seem unclean.

 • Remember your soft furnishings.  It is generally accepted that hotels change the sheets and linen after each guest, but other items such as curtains and upholstered furniture might only get a good washing on a sporadic basis.  In between deep cleans and washing, refresh these items before each guest with a simple multi-use product.

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